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Bibliographic directory of dictionaries, grammars, books on the history of the Spanish language, orthography, prosody, metrics, dialogues...


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More about dates

Filter directly by year or search using the other options that allow queries with commas (" ") in the main search box. These are some examples that allow you to refine the search. Bear in mind that the search can only give results if the exact chain is recognised, and sometimes there may be results that are not an entry, but are included in other information contained in the repository.
"s. f." "ca." "¿?" "17??" "17?7"
"181?" "¿1820?" "¿1821-1825?" "[1892]" "1895-1898"
"s. XVII" "ss. XVII-XVIII" "[fin. s. XVIII]" "[post. 1721]" "post. 1721"
"[1789 o post.]"

And you should know that…

There are some copies without a date or with an undetermined date that can be searched for based on previous editions.
There are copies without a place of printing and without a printer that can be searched for using the abbreviations "s.l." and "s.n." respectively.
When there is no author, it is not necessary to write anything, not even "anonymous" to obtain results.
NEW In the case of the category authors (Bibliographic files) you must search for the author in the "Title" field not in "Name of author".

Return results if of the following conditions are met:
Author name
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Exactly / After the year
Before the year
Languages and varieties
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Performing a search in the BVFE is very simple. Either write the word or string of words in our browser, search for a specific category, or perform an alphabetical search by choosing a letter.

Advanced filters

In addition, all of our records contain several fields. To search for a specific work by date of publication, filter by copy, printer, place of printing, etc., use the Advanced Search.Advanced Search - Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española

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New bibliographical records

The BVFE regurlaly publishes new bibliographical recordsLatest bibliographical records. Our team is constantly searching for new entries. We choose our content meticulously and verify our links regularly.

Several times a month

We add new content several times a month. We gradually add more content to existing entries, and likewise add more categories and subcategories as future needs require reclassification.

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You can send any BVFE entry to a friend, partner, researcher or any person interested in history of the Spanish language. To do so, press the button "Recommend" found under each file and send the entry to an email address.

More options on sidebar buttons

We have also included a sidebar on the left of the screen which can be used to share on social media, select the BVFE as a favouriteCompartir los registros de la Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española in your web browser, etc. On tablets and phones the share option will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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When any category of the BVFE loads, you will see an RSS icon. Clicking on it allows you to join the feed and receive updated information for the category you have subscribed to. If your browser does not allow you to subscribe to an RSS source, you may need to install a plugin. You can also subscribe via RSS to receive updates directly in your email. To learn more about RSS, click here.

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To subscribe to our newsletter, use the subscribe optionSuscribirse a la Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española that you will find on the lower left-hand corner of screen.

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Printing bibliographical records

All of the bibliographical recordsImprimir registro de la Biblioteca Virtual de la Filología Española that are in the BVFE can be printed. Click on the "Print" button located below each record. A new window will open with the content of the file ready for printing.

Printing the works

The BVFE does not own the intellectual property rights to the entries, it only selects, organizes and indicates the sites where they are located. As such, it is impossible to print the copies from the BVFE. You must agree to the legal conditions of the websites that contain the copies.

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We are currently devising several extensions for the website. We will gradually integrate upgrades and more functions. The BVFE welcomes any suggestions that our users may have.

Submission of new URLs

Clicking on the + sign located on the dropdown tab at the top of the website Refer a URL or make a suggestion will take you to a form that has a field where you can send a URL address that has not yet been included in the BVFE. It is simple to use: just indicate the URL of the entry and we will do the rest, after completing the corresponding checks.

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